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Do You Speak Bocce, redux

It has recently come to my attention that Google searches place an inordinate emphasis on my recent blog post entitled “Do You Speak Bocce?” — so much so that some might come here expecting a full linguistic treatise on the matter.

Alas, not so. I do not speak Bocce. Not Splocce, not Blocce, not Crocce.

However, the baby librarian in me insists on helping you in your quest to learn of all things Bocce. To that end, I offer links to the following:

Star Wars: the Musical has a marvelous musical number entitled “Do You Speak Bocce?,” which is simply not to be missed. Be sure to listen to the rest of musical, as One Season More, Docking Bay ’94, and Let’s Blow This Thing are likewise destined for inclusion in the Star Wars canon.

Star Park: the Musical has a Flash animation of “Do You Speak Bocce.” I prefer their work on “Lets Blow This Thing,” but who says you have to choose?

According to Wookieepedia, you can read all about Bocce in Ben Burtt’s Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide: Beeps, Bleats, Boskas, and Other Common Intergalactic Verbiage (ISBN: 0345440749).

The Bocce/English dictionary on Star Wars Dot Com includes a number of choice Bocce words and phrases. From these samplings I might suspect that the Swedish Chef has been speaking Bocce all along. Zat x’ratch keezo bopaz ha sheep.

Finally, a Bocce reference can be found in the The Top 10 Things We Want To Hear Samuel L. Jackson’s Character Jedi Master Mace Wendu Say in the Star Wars Prequels:

“What” ain’t no planet I ever heard of! Do they speak Bocce on What?

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  1. Matt Says:

    >The Top 10 Things We Want To Hear Samuel L. Jackson’s Character ‘Jedi Master Mace Wendu’ Say in the Star Wars Prequels: