Emily Gaskin



  • "Borrowed Light," Dreams of Decadence
    reprinted in The Best of Dreams of Decadence
  • "The Evening Star Sets in a Sky of Oranges," Snow Monkey
  • "Sea Witch," Dust Devil
  • "Anthropic Principle," Strange Horizons
  • "Psyche's Meteorite," Star*Line
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  • "The Fear of Drowning," Kenoma
  • "Women of the Resurrection," Goblin Fruit
    reprinted in The 2007 Rhysling Anthology
  • "Roche’s Rules of Planetary Engagement," Space and Time
  • "Gospel of the White Dwarf," Mythic Delirium

Short Fiction:

  • "The Rabid Frog," The Orphic Chronicle
  • "When Gods Abandon," Dragon Soup
  • "Paternity Ward Blues," Exodus
  • "The Woman in the Bell Mask," Glyph
  • "Improving with Age," Dragonlaugh
  • "A Prescription for Giants," Digital Catapult
  • "The Green Corn Dance," Strange Horizons
    reprinted in The Best of Strange Horizons: Year One
  • "To Give You the World, My Soul, My Love," Ideomancer
    kindly reviewed by SFReader.com
  • "Lady Godiva Showers in the Dark," Literary Potpourri
  • "The Rivers of Magdalene," Penumbric
  • "Planet Beautiful," Aoife's Kiss
  • "Inquisitor, Longing," Vestal Review