Emily Gaskin

Welcome to my corner of the universe

... accepting for the moment the notion of corners, though "space being(don't forget to remember)Curved."

I'm not particularly interesting on casual inspection. I am a native Tallahassee geek, I'm married to a Hungarian Dark Lord, I play all day with our (adorable) demon spawn. I graduated from Florida State with a bachelor's degree in English/Creative Writing and a Masters in Information Studies. You can find links to some of my work in my Bibliography.

From 2003 to 2014, I edited Astropoetica, an online journal for astronomy poetry. The final issue features the work of of Laura Long, Emily Kagan Trenchard, Geoffrey A. Landis, David Edwards, Mary Alexandra Agner, LeRoy Gorman, Alexandra Seidel, Shannon Connor Winward, Cal Freeman, Melissa Frederick, Gila Mon, Ameé Hennig, Martin Elster, C.S. MacCath, Rebecca L. Brown, and Andrei Dorian Gheorghe. Be sure to check out our archives for our special constellation and solar system themed issues.

Ni. Fnord. 42.